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FICO has leveraged extensive IP assets from its banking technology for the creation of a Cyber Solution that is highly differentiated from current industry offerings and is complementary to existing infrastructures and investments.
Identify Emerging Threats and Fight Cyber Crime in Real TimeLOGO Fair Isaac Germany GmbH

Fair Isaac Germany GmbH

FICO TONBELLER is a leading global provider of integrated IT solutions for governance, risk and compliance (GRC). Based on the SironĀ® product... more

Are you looking for a special solution or qualified technology providers?

Then this page is the right place to be! Within our Business Solution Catalog you can find all of our Fujitsu Alliance Partners. In fact, this catalog offers more than 6000 different software products and solutions from more than 200 technology companies. Go ahead and take advantage of our different search functions selecting countries, portfolio and markets in order to find the perfect offering for your needs!

In case you are interested in representing your company and portfolio in this catalog, and thus, become a Fujitsu Alliance Partner, please visit our Alliance Program Website.